Lily Kwong

The LK collection imagines tech casing like a piece of fine jewelry, or luxury accessory. This is a chic range of mobile cases inspired by Lily Kwong’s personal experiences.

Lily Kwong, together with Cellairis, launched a new collection of accessories that are directly connected to her passion for technology (as she grew up near Silicon Valley) and her glamorous personality. The inspiration for the luxury phone cases came from her realisation that most of her fashion-addicted friends didn’t have them. The few who did carried cases made of unappealing rubber-plastic materials that mismatched their expensive outfits. Lily insisted that phones needed to be “dressed well” too.

Working with Cellairis, we designed and refined the product by bringing it to manufacturing and tooling standards. The new LK cases could now be paired with special 18k gold bracelets, adorned with leather, fur or even Swarovski crystals. Our team spent months in China figuring out the right material and the intricacies needed for this luxury, upmarket, accessory.

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