Bplugd’s Smart Bag

Our commitment to being thorough motivated us to create a new design language for Bplugd with an iconic form which led to a completely lightweight outer shell and new modular functionality given to an everyday object.

After developing a new brand identity for Bplugd, they approached Artifact Design to design and build a backpack bag which would go beyond being a simple bag to a precious commodity. Apart from having intelligent organizing panels the bag can seamlessly transcend international borders using Bplugd’s proprietary server technology and allow the user to be connected globally at all times. We built a modular ecosystem around which the consumer could perform various functionalities with ease and efficiency.

Applying our expertise in soft goods and accessories, we incorporated critical functionalities like modular pockets, an incredibly thin battery pack with a 60,000 mAh capacity, a power hub, Wi-Fi hotspot, anti-theft capabilities and GPS tracking device with wireless charging –
all packed into an ergonomic, lightweight bag. A fully functional MVP prototype helped the Bplugd team to present the bag to their customers and new angel investors getting successful orders and funding.

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