Shard, a cycle trainer that transforms from a functional object to an artistic light installation when not in use, won the prestigious Merit Award at the 21st International Bicycle Design Competition in Taiwan.

The team researched and understood Exercise Psychology extensively, and deduced that for a workout routine to be most acceptable, the communication needed to be non-controlling and messages to be informative and flexible. Shard influences behavior through ambient light that does not demand direct attention for consumption of information. In both the cycling mode and the standby mode, Shard gives ambient light based on input taken from sensors on the bike or data from the dedicated mobile application.

The non-interfering and spatial (focus-enabling) qualities of Light, along with the informative and mood enhancing qualities of Color, made these two elements the core of Shard’s user experience. The use of pristine materials such as glass, brass and leather and the intelligent contribution of Light and Color, managed by a mobile app, lends to Shard an aesthetic value that any user, with an eye for style and innovative living spaces, would aspire to own.

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