Nio aimed to be a lifestyle brand focusing heavily on accessories with a simple unadulterated innovation methodology and a sustainable approach – this was a key driving force for the branding strategy.

Nio™ is about new beginnings being derived from the word ‘Neo’. The brand name is also inspired from the Japanese mythical characters of protection, The Niō (Benevolent Kings), who are a pair of protectors who commonly stand guard on either side of the Buddhist temple gates. The brand which is all about creating remarkable lifestyle accessories, embodies the same ideals to bring you the best in innovation and protection.

We were driven to find and explore inroads into new areas of innovation by conducting deep consumer research for this brand. The well-defined and focused branding campaign, along with the collateral, resulted in the brand value being clearly communicated. Nio also received global acceptance among vendors for both display and product sales via their e-commerce channels.

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