Kalybr™ was created to personify energy through spirit, premium quality through performance, and a sense of boldness through belief.

This campaign was based on the key phrase “You Have Kalybr”. Keeping in mind this sentiment, and knowing well that the brand was all about providing next gen fitness and sports accessories to aspiring athletes, a creative and analytical research approach was used. We structured the brand so that every consumer would be inspired to be part of an elite group who were supremely fit and/or aspired to get to the top of their game.

The brand’s logo was inspired by an archer nocking an arrow into a bow – the visual representation of concentration, determination, and seamless balance of the mind and body. Constructing the logo started with a simple sketch to portray the idea and we refined it based on client feedback. We added an element of fluidity with the extended string that served as a rigid anchor symbolizing the brand pillars. The bow is a mark of limitless energy, performance, and extraordinary potential. The taut string demonstrates the commitment and the will to act.

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