The ever-changing, curious, moods of children and the need to provide them with something more than just a bike – something that they can pull apart and build all on their own, led to the concept of Flipmo – Flipping Modular.

Flipmo is a concept bicycle designed for kids, based on modular structures that keeps kids
engaged and encourages them to share their Flipmo experiences with their friends, along
with parts of the cycle itself! Taking the latest of technological advancements in hand,
Flipmo’s main frame displays a unique modular design in the form of its 3-D printed,
honeycomb pattern. The frame can be flipped horizontally to adjust height and aesthetic

Once the flipped frame is in place, a quick crank system secures it in place. Children can even have multiple frames 3D printed as collectible items that they can swap with friends. Same goes for the detachable units such as handlebar and unique frame designs that can be fitted in the groove-space in between the 3D printed frame. The concealed brake cables allow for the frame to be clutter free and flipped easily without damaging the functionality.

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