The growing need for user friendly and economical, mobility solution led to flatpack’s conceptualization. The design was also aimed at promoting the bicycle as a social
necessity and a form of self-expression.

Flatpack is a sustainable Eco, Smart e-bike concept. The astronomical growth of E-commerce and the rising trend of bicycles being used as a means of mobility in urban developing countries, inspired us to design a product that is built around the concept of modularity and affordability. The whole modular bicycle can be flat-packed into a compact box which can be shipped to a person who can easily put it together.

Each Flatpack bike sports an eco-molded paper pulp frame that is sourced from recycled global paper waste, which allows for low tooling cost and creates affordable design for all types of users, apart from being biodegradable. Inbuilt smart screens sync with the user’s smart phone to display vital ambient data. Nylon straps fitted along the cycle’s frame create a safe and secure storage place. The headlights and taillights are also modular units that can be used interchangeably or detached to be used as flashlights.

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