Emergency Refugee Sanitation

ERS was designed to be a simple and completely unobtrusive solution to families and individuals who are displaced due to natural calamities or war.

Emergency Refugee Sanitation (ERS) was inspired by Shigeru Ban who has been instrumental in using paper as a revolutionary, new and sustainable building material. Working to understand the mental as well as physical requirements of displaced families, we conducted detailed interviews and surveys. On gathering and processing all necessary information, we came up with a simple and easily deployable sanitation solution.

Utilizing cardboard, a sustainable material which can be extremely strong when engineered well, we used our experience and knowledge in planning and designing around a complete eco-concept. The design team at Artifact thought of every aspect of the ERS pods from the point of manufacturing, transport, deployment, all the way to setting up and usage with biodegradable solutions for waste disposal factored in.

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