Cellairis Kiosk

Our research, collaboration with the core team, and design execution ensured a consistent layout and look for all Cellairis kiosks around the world.

Kiosks are an integral part of the Cellairis retail model, and we wanted to enhance their design and usability while aligning them with the brand values that Artifact Design had created for them. Consumer insights received from the COO and the Retail Manager at Cellairis helped us identify the environment where these kiosks were to be set up and plan accordingly.

We worked with a number of retail developers to make sure that the standards of the display designs, POS systems, as well as the customer’s user experience at these kiosks, were in accordance with the brand guidelines. This thorough research, coupled with the quick and easily executable design strategy contributed to an increase in the kiosk numbers globally, and the company has been able to deploy them effortlessly throughout the world.

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