We identified niche gaps in the market, through our Design Coalesce Process, to arrive at a space where the brand could strongly exist on its own, giving it a distinct look and feel.

Cellairis™ was confronted with a very simple but complicated problem – the letter ‘C’ in their logo, which was a very commonly used letter-entity for logos, diluted their brand message. They also wanted to refresh their branding and retail motifs. We understood the genesis and growth of the company and dove deep into how the company functioned. We worked on a complete brand refresh all the way to defining their product DNA, and their retail store branding.

This brand rehaul resulted in a new store-in-store concept at Walmart® along with their global retail outlets demonstrating a successful application of the brand strategy, assets and campaign. We designed various consumer relatable sub brands under Cellairis™, in order to create a focused marketing strategy and to manage the diversity of products within various portfolios. These portfolios were designed as full-fledged brands with their own visual identities and assets.

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