Camellia the kettle, based on the concept of “unitea in diversitea”, and on the theme of “Tea and Time”, is inspired by the hourglass to signify the importance of time in tea making.

Camellia is a kettle for every tea drinking enthusiast around the globe. It aims to merge cultures, practices, habits, aesthetics and perception but retain the purity in the experience of drinking tea. Tea has been consumed for over thousands of years with varying brews and methods across multiple cultures, but with the current modern times we wanted to bring the best of tea from cultures all over the world together.

Mobile solutions for tea are usually either bottles or other containers that hold tea but are not designed to ‘make’ tea. Studying tea rituals around the world made us realize how time is the most important factor in tea making. The inner profile of the kettle, therefore, is shaped like an hourglass and this is visible only when the tea fills up the kettle. A metal tea infuser helps keep the tea leaves seeping while the outside form is simple, clean and contemporary.

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