Bplugd App

The Bplugd app creates a bridge between the product and the user. It minimizes the need for physical buttons and indicators on the product, thereby creating a higher level of user interaction.

The Bplugd app design is a UI/UX project we undertook in connection to the smart bag we designed for the company. The main requirement was to have a connected system that could talk to the smart bag in a seamless manner without any need for a physical interface. The app ensures that, and also features a remote access which allows a Bplugd techie to take control of the product in order to troubleshoot.

While designing the application, many intricate factors were kept in mind to provide the customers with a clear user interface so that they could have all the required information at their fingertips without being overwhelmed. The Home screen was designed as a control panel that could sub consciously be memorized by the user, over the usage period of the app.

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