Multi Utility Charging

Bolt is a revolutionary modular equipment designed to create an ecosystem that is both flexible as well as ubiquitous, thereby addressing a serious problem faced by mobile users.

A simple and daily function-charging- becomes a bad user experience for consumers due to numerous inputs and the monotonous task of carrying a cable or a power-pack whenever on the go. To keep this task simple and easy, as well as to create a complete user experience around this, we designed the Bolt ecosystem to be modular and universal, aimed to be a holistic concept that was quickly adaptable without a learning curve.

Made up of 3 core elements, the input charging pack or patch, the Atlas dock, and the wall dock, the Bolt ecosystem covers a complete set of products designed to be utilized while at home as well as while stepping out. The Bolt ecosystem identified a niche opportunity in the product portfolio of the client and opened up a new segment for the company to research and develop more products within.

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