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The Loft was designed for Poetic cases to hold multiple objects and to provide a central conventional charging system that could be universally placed on the work desk, nightstand, dining table, living room, the kitchen or anywhere in the work/home environment. The unique attribute of this dock is that it was manufactured using a single piece of die cut aluminum, thus greatly reducing the cost of the product.

loft-productdesign-charging-dock-apple-watch loft-productdesign-charging-dock-with-iphone-charging loft-productdesign-charging-dock-stand-alone-views loft-productdesign-charging-dock-with-iphone-apple-watch-in-living-room loft-productdesign-charging-dock-with-iphone-heroimage-with-apple-macbook loft-productdesign-charging-dock-with-iphone-charging-apple-watch-inhand