A global design and innovation studio, Artifact Design is a melting pot of radical and innovative raw ideas, solutions, and concepts that are nurtured into full-fledged Products, Brands and Experiences through in-depth domain knowledge, sheer passion and creativity. We embrace a belief that true INNOVATION comes from the perfect blend of ART and FACT. Moving away from a segmented design approach,we are determined to grow as a uniquely Integrated Design hub - focused on catering to the strategic design, and developmental needs of a broad spectrum of established international brands and startups alike. An unconventional mix of industrial designers, UI/UX designers, developers, brand strategists, graphic designers, tinkerers and creative thinkers, we are a multi-functional team working on some of the most interesting technology and lifestyle products.

We are hiring for a number of open positions at our Bangalore studio. We look for open minded, entrepreneurial and strong creative minds with a get-it-done attitude. We work on a variety of projects in Industrial Design, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, IoT, Branding and Identity, Packaging Design, Manufacturing Support and Video Productions. Head quartered in Bangalore, our other offices are in Hong Kong and we are currently working on getting our USA studio up and running.

Come, be part of a global award winning company! Browse through the open positions below or send an email with your profile to :

BLR-ADMAS052017 | 2-3 Years
If you are a candidate who believes that being the support system of the office,
be it in doing odd jobs or structural overhauls, is the coolest job ever; Read on.
BLR-GD052017 | 2-3 Years
If you are a candidate who believes in the superpowers of doodling- that it can
save the world (yes.) and buy you your own bat cave; Read on.
BLR-DIN052017| 0-1 Year
If you are a candidate who has an innate hunger to learn, on-the- job, the tricks
of the trade and take very fast baby steps into the enveloping world of Design; Read On.
BLR-JEWD052017| 2-3 Years
If you are a candidate who thrives on bauble and bijouterie designs and
swear that your work can change industry dynamics; Read on.
BLR-PM052017 | 2-5 Years
If you are a candidate who is a process master that knows how to drive team tasks
and connect all the dots till a project is complete; Read on.